What is Replication ?

The process of creating and managing duplicate versions of data

Replication not only copies a database but also synchronizes a set of replicas so that changes made to one replica are reflected in all the others

Types of Replication

Synchronous Replication – In this type of replication the data is committed on both the servers (Primary Server and Replica Server) or is not committed at all. This ensures Zero Data Loss.

Asynchronous Replication – In this type of replication the data is committed to the (Primary Server) and then the changes are replicated to the Secondary Server. This can result in some data loss, in case the replication to secondary server is not updated and the primary server goes down.

Why Replicate?

The primary reasons that influence the need for a Replication Solution are

  1. Data Availability
  2. Data Scalability

Benefits of Replication

Replication provides the following benefits

  1. Provide Data Redundancy
  2. Increased Availability
  3. Increased Reliability

Replication Solution

The replication solutions solution can be deployed as a combination of Hardware and Software Solution or as a pure hardware or pure Software solution

Next Steps

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