Data Archiving Solutions

Data Archiving Solutions

Data Archiving Solution at ASITPL

What is Data Archiving

Archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate data storage device for long-term retention.

Type of Archiving

Archiving of File Servers , Emails , Databases etc. can be done either

1. Online – Where the archiving system is always available in the network and helps achieve automatic archival and faster retrival of archived data

2. Offline – Where the archiving system is not available in the network and information is stored offline. Thus requiring the data to be first restored to a separate system and then made avaiable to the end user. This results in labour and time consuming restore. In offline Archival automatic archiving is also not possible

Why Archving ?

The primary factors that influence the need for an Archiving Solution are

1. Compliance

2. Litigation Support

3. Knowledge Management

4. Storage Management

Benefits of Archiving

Archiving provides the following benefits

  1. Achieve Regulatory Compliance related to data retention requirements
  2. Utilize the Archived emails , documents and other contents in litigation support
  3. The archived data acts as a knowledge repository for the organisation.
  4. Archiving provides the following Storage Management Benefits
    • Data reclaims disk space
    • Lowers storage costs
    • Reduces object maintenance, and
    • Improves the performance of active data.

Data Archiving Solutions

The archiving solution can be deployed as a pure Hardware Solution or as a combination of Hardware and Software Solution.

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